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Your iPad. Connect it with O2

200MB Pay & Go for just £2.04 a day. Or up to 2GB a month with our recurring tariffs. With O2, you can do it all on iPad, from set up to top up.

Which iPad sim do you need? The micro sim is for iPad with Retina display and iPad 2. And it can also be used in the third generation iPad and original iPad too. If you have the iPad mini, you'll need to get the nano sim.

Order your FREE O2 sim for iPad

Carry your data over

Once you have your sim and you are adding data choose the recurring plan and unused data rolls into the next month, with a max of 5GB total. So if you don't use all your data one month, it carries over to the next.

Which O2 data plan is right for you?

£2.04 / Daily £10.21 over 30 days, recurring £15.32 over 30 days, recurring
Each package gives you 200MB + Unlimited Wi-Fi

Available for 24 hours
1GB + Unlimited Wi-Fi

Available for 30 days, recurring

2GB + Unlimited Wi-Fi

Available for 30 days, recurring

What you can do with each package?
Browsing the web * 2,000 pages 10,000 pages 20,000 pages
Music Downloads * 40 songs (about 4 albums) 200 songs (about 20 albums) 400 songs (about 40 albums)
Video Downloads * 25 minutes 2 hours 4 hours

* A typical web page is about 100KB of data, a typical song is about 5MB, and a typical video is about 250MB over 30 mins



Why O2?

Sign up, monitor, and manage your 3G service

All from your iPad. Once you have your free O2 sim, there's no need to go to a website or call anyone.
You can also check your data balance and manage your data plan directly from your iPad.

Unlimited wifi

All our data plans for iPad come with wifi through BT Openzone at thousands of hotspots in the UK. And when you use wifi, it doesn't count towards your data allowance. Use as much as you like, no extra charge. You can also access O2 Wifi hotspots and free public wifi too.

No Long Contracts

We want to win you over with our service, not force you to stay. No long commitment, no pressure.

Useful info

  • Make sure you use an O2 micro sim or nano sim especially for the data plan for the iPad. You can't use an iPhone sim in your iPad. Order your free sim here.
  • If you find that you're surfing a bit more than expected and need more data, you can always top up 200MB extra.
  • You can only have a maximum of 5GB on your account at any one time.
  • For data plan for iPad FAQs, please see our support section.
  • Interested in buying iPad with Retina display, iPad 2 or iPad mini? You can get one at Apple retail stores, the Apple Online store and authorised Apple resellers.

O2 Data Plan for iPad: Access will last for the specified duration (daily or for 30 days) or until the specified data allowance is reached only, whichever is sooner. Recurring monthly payments will continue until cancelled. 24 hour notice needed to cancel. Access payments are non-refundable. Speeds subject to network coverage and location. 3G and wifi in the UK only. Excessive usage policy and terms apply, see o2.co.uk/terms.

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