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iPhone 4 Early Upgrade Offer Terms

  1. This Early Upgrade Offer (the "Offer") is available to you if you're an existing consumer Pay Monthly or Business customer (who signed up in an O2 Shop or through o2.co.uk) on O2 who is still within the minimum term of their contract (an "Eligible Customer").
  2. If you are an Eligible Customer, and you accept all of the terms and conditions of the Offer listed here, we will allow you to end your existing Pay Monthly or Business contract early and upgrade.
  3. Before you can end your existing contract under this Offer you must:
    1. Have paid a one-off, non-refundable, charge of £20 for each complete month remaining of your minimum term (as calculated by O2) (the "Early Upgrade Offer Charge");
    2. Sign up for a new 18 or 24 month minimum term Pay Monthly or 24 month minimum term Business airtime contract with O2 with an iPhone 4 at the normal price for that phone and on our current relevant tariff terms at the time you sign up for the Offer.
    3. Understand that, in respect of our your new Airtime contract, you'll be waiving the "change of mind" period and any Distance Selling Regulation rights granted by law will end as soon as you start to use our service in your new iPhone 4.
  4. The Offer is available between 24 June 2010 and 24 July 2010 in O2 Shops for both Pay Monthly and Business customers and also in Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4U, Best Buy and Apple stores or by invitation for Pay Monthly customers (the "Offer Period").
  5. The Early Upgrade Offer Charge must be paid by credit or debit card for Pay Monthly customers and through your bill for Business customers.
  6. If you are not an Eligible Customer then you will not be able to take the Offer and will need to follow the normal processes if you wish to end your contract during your minimum term.
  7. If you take up the Offer, any unused call/text allowances will be lost. You won't be able to move back to your old tariff after you've upgraded.
  8. The Early Upgrade Offer Charge is inclusive of VAT at 17.5%. If the rate of VAT varies the Early Upgrade Offer Charge will vary in line with that change.
  9. This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any early upgrade eligibility you may have as part of O2 Priority List.

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